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Sarene Leeds is a seasoned media and communications expert with over 20 years’ experience as a professional journalist, content creator, and copy editor. She has worked full-time at renowned publications including Rolling Stone and The Wall Street Journal, as well as Verywell Health and As a freelance writer, Sarene has written and reported on a multitude of subjects ranging from TV and pop culture to marketing, health, wellness, and parenting. She’s been published in Ad Age, Vulture, SheKnows,, and countless other print and digital outlets. 


Knowing communication is multimodal, Sarene cultivated her visual and design skills, as well as honed her writing techniques, to become more versatile in business writing and content strategy. A recent high-end client shared that their bookings increased substantially after Sarene upgraded their marketing materials.

Sarene holds an M.S. in Professional Writing from NYU and a B.A. in American Studies with a journalism concentration from Brandeis University. Her professional goal is to help individuals and businesses improve their communication standards. In other words, she wants to help you tell your story -- and find your own voice in the process!


As a professional writing/business communications consultant, Sarene is available for business writing and content strategy opportunities. Her specialty is web and blog copy.

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